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VoltSport is a quality distributor and provider for components of electric and hybrid systems including batteries and battery chargers. We have extensive understanding and experience at working with Sevcon Products including the Gen4 AC & DC Motor Controllers. We can help you purchase and integrate the right product into your application, assisting with tuning and control integration to help you get best performance.

For more bespoke products, view our range of accessories and custom displays.

 Accessories for use with other Voltsport supplied products. Includes connector kits and communication interfaces.


 High power traction batteries for supplying the system


 All in one devices to manage efficient battery charging.

Battery Charger

 DCDC converters to manage supplying different voltages to parts of the system from the same power source


 Easily review the status of the system with our range of displays


 Control the power delivered to an electric motor with one of our wide range of motor controllers

Motor Controller