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Creating the best system

We understand electrification, and electronic systems integration in the marine market. We link together new and existing technology to form complete marine systems which outperform their traditional diesel counterparts. Let us help you by bringing together components that create full featured high performance results.

We have gained extensive knowledge of electrification and have both software and electronics expertise. This is from the automotive and industrial sectors. Combining this with a passion for boats means we can fully appreciate and engineer the correct system for you.

Where products do not exist, we can help create these for you. System control and tuning is our real specialty, with an integrated "plug and play" system the desired result.

Power systems

As the power demands on modern yachts increases, it is more and more important that the domestic hotel system is up to the task. We can assist you in designing the correct reliable system for your needs.

Starting with the list of know equipment onboard the vessel, we can tailor the batteries, charging system, and distribution to create an efficient installation. A well designed system will be lighter, and by applying smart charging techniques, use less fuel to keep charged up.

Engineering services

We can bring extra resource to your project. Core development skills include embedded control system development, including both electronics and software.

System analysis, debugging and fault finding. We can help tune your system to remove reliability issues or possible performance problems.

Please contact us to discuss your project, and to find out how we can help you today.

Sevcon Controller Integration

We have extensive understanding and experience at working with Sevcon Products. We can help you integrate the right product into your application, assisting with tuning and control integration to help you get best performance.